Ordering:  Contact us through the contact form on our website or email us directly.  Phone calls are welcomed too (you may have to leave a message).  While we have a physical location, we do not have regular storefront hours due to making deliveries or meeting clients.  We do schedule consult meetings at our shop.  To book or inquire about booking your event please fill out the contact form on our website, or email us directly.  We will reply as soon as possible.  Our decor items can be themed to meet your specific event or made as shown.  All the balloon items on the website is our own work.  Whereas, most of the event decor is not ours; however, we would be more than happy to recommend an event company that can meet your needs.  

Quotes:  As much as we enjoy building upon our past work, we are more than happy to look at any work you may find on the Internet and provide a price quote.  See Pinterest below.


Ideas and suggestions: While we adore our clients who trust us and give us free reign on design, we routinely get asked for suggestions or ideas.  As we are constantly taking  classes, attending conventions and trolling the internet to find the newest fresh designs, we love being able to provide these concepts with our clients,  as many times these are new designs, never before seen in our area.  For our larger orders we can create renderings to assist in visualizing your event.  In order to give you a quote we may ask for a couple of things such as budget and location.  Please see below.  


Location: Outdoor events can be tricky when dealing with the elements, but with a little flexibility on the planning side of the client it can lead to an awesome outdoor decorated event.  Indoor events provide a more ideal location for decor but some venues have restrictions and some have outright bans on balloons.  Let us know where your planning early so we can let you know of restrictions ahead of time.  We have done installs in a large number of venues in Ohio, we can help suggest venues that easy to work with.  


Hardware: A significant amount of our decor has a hardware component to it.  Hardware, is always assumed returnable unless you state ahead of time so we can incorporate it into the price.  We will return after your event is over and retrieve the hardware.  Ask about it if there is a concern.  


Budget: We occasionally will ask for your budget (this can be a simple target amount or a range to stay within) the reason for this is to better provide recommendations based on your budget.  An example is a balloon wall which can drastically vary in price depending on size, style and number of balloons.  Often we get asked for a quote on a specific item, we will price that item usually exactly as shown unless you tell us otherwise.  Do not be afraid to ask for an alternative option that may better fit your budget. We do recommend a budget of at least $200, we will work with small orders on a case by case basis.  


Recycle: We Recycle!!  If your having an event with helium balloons, but don’t need them after the event is over, don’t pop them, recycle them.  We are offering a helium recycle program.  We will return after your event, retrieve the balloons and recycle the helium.  You could receive a rebate back of up to 10% (minimum helium order, location and availability apply). Ask for details.


Pinterest finds:  While we strive to provide the newest trends in the balloon industry, sometimes what you find on the internet looks so good because it has been photoshopped.  Some of the Pinterest photos are collaborative photo shoots, we know because we participate in them too.  These staged collaborative photo shoots often have hidden wires or photos taken from ideal angles to enhance the photo but sometimes things are just plain added by computer.  We may not always be able to recreate what you find but usually we can provide an alternative solution.  Better yet, lets throw some design concepts together and make your event a Pinterest event!!!


DYI’ers; While we all love to save a buck or two, sometimes we end up spending more in the long run.  Here is a couple of suggestions for saving a couple of bucks for the big event.  

First and foremost, we will not fill balloons you have purchased on your own.  We have a massive stock of balloons, and our distributors are the best in the country at getting us what you need.   

Let us sell you the balloons you want to add to the party.  Party stores typically sell inferior quality balloons with limited color selection and you have to buy them by the bag.  By having us sell you the balloons, your event will be color coordinated much better.  We can also put together a loose bag of balloons with all the colors and sizes you need without you buying unneeded extras.  

While the pink party helium tanks seem like a great idea, they often fall short in many ways.  The advertised number of balloons on the tanks is for 9” balloons that only float for a few hours.  Our balloons are 11”, treated to float for days and not hours.  

Avoid the dollar store stars.  Dont let your kick ass event succumb  to the dreaded foil stars.

Let us know what you plan on adding yourself to the party.  We are always willing to provide suggestions and tips.  


Donations, Sponsorship & Charity: While we would love to support every charity and non profit, we are in the event business to make money on event balloons and your probably coming to us about balloons for your event.  We do work with a very limited number charities and non profits but here is a couple of things to keep in mind.  We don’t do events for free.  We only pick a select few events each year.  Our selection criteria is based on several factors such as from personal interests but also things like organizations that have purchased from us in the past.  If your selected keep in mind that while we don’t do events for free, we can work with you on a reduced price.  If you would like us to consider your event send us a detailed letter explaining:

1. Your event (what when where)?

2. Why we should support your events.

3. In what way you would like us to support your event (general ideas on what your wanting or trying to accomplish)?

4. Budget you have to spend on balloon decor for your event?

5. How this event will positively impact my business?

6. How will my decor positively impact the attendees?